Fort Sam Houston Elementary School


Nut Free Classroom!

“The BEST way to PREDICT the future is to CREATE it” ~Abraham Lincoln

"Children of the World,

Blown to all corners of the World,

We Bloom Anywhere!"

-Military Child Quote  


Our Class Family Beliefs

We are lifelong learners who respect and honor each other.

We will create a safe and caring environment for each other.

We will engage in challenging and meaningful work.

We will have good character, competence, and creativity.

We will inspire and challenge ourselves to the highest level of our learning ability.


Recent Posts

Dear Mrs. Layne’s Parents,

Tomorrow, the last day of school we will have a pizza party in the classroom for lunch. If your child does not want pizza please send them with a lunch. Tomorrow is our last full day of school so make sure your child stays the whole day!

I want to thank each of you personally for allowing me the opportunity to teach your child in the second grade. I truly had a wonderful class this year where I know lifelong friendships have been made. We had a awesome class and I will miss every student and hope to see them again in the future.

I also want to thank all the amazing parents in my class. I appreciate all the support and communication from each parent. I am beyond blessed to have had such awesome parents and students. Please keep in touch!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Layne

Congratulations to the art show winners!!!

1st Place- Sebastien Gray

2nd Place- Thierry Macie

3rd Place- David Chanek 

Valentine Box Challenge! 

Today, our class voted on the first, second, and third place Valentine's Day Box. Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who worked hard on their box! Awesome job!!


Valentine Box Winners!

1st Place- Emma Ginn "Uni-Pig Love Kitty"
2nd Place- Timothy Soeken "Pikachu"
3rd Place- Thierry Macie "Flush Me With Some Love" 

Reporting For Duty With our Second Grade Data!


Miss Brianna surveyed all second grade classes to discover which military branch student's parents serve in!!


Army: 96

Air force: 9

Navy: 11

Marines: 2

Welcome To Our Class Miss Brianna!!!

We are excited to welcome Brianna into our classroom. She is currently attending Texas Lutheran University and will be our student teacher until the end of this school year.