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Mrs. Laura Lamoureux » Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Hang on to your hat if you get to join the fun out in the Accelerated Learning Center! A team of us work together to help students achieve academic success. We tailor our lessons to meet the individual needs of our students in order to fill educational gaps or to extend and enrich the curriculum.


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GT October 11-16

Happy October!!!   I will be off campus for a couple of days but there is no need to worry about forward motion on everyone's All About Me projects.  :-) 
The 1st and 2nd graders will have plenty of time to wrap up their projects next week during GT classes.
The 3rd,4th and 5th graders all have  work to complete during their I&E time (that is the time that they normally come out to me). If they are unable to finish their projects during class, they should finish them at home. They will all be due on Monday, October 16th.  Their project descriptions and rubrics are attached above.

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade GT HOMEWORK DUE: OCT 10

3rd grade: BIOPOEM NOTES  

A biopoem is an 11-line poem that describes a person. In the standard biopoem structure, an individual is described largely through his or her experiences, hopes, and accomplishments rather than by basic characteristics such as gender, height, age, and race. In this lesson, students write a biopoem describing themselves.

Homework: Complete the following list on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. Seven Adjectives
  2. Three important relationships
  3. Five things that you love
  4. Five important memories and how you felt
  5. Five fears
  6. Three accomplishments
  7. Seven wishes or hopes
  8. Where do you live?

4th grade: NAME ART

Our 3-D  ALL ABOUT ME project  is designed to help students reflect upon which characteristics make them unique. It will also  help them to learn about their classmates and to form connections with other students who may share similar interests.

Homework: The first piece of the project is name art. Students should write their name in large letters and completely fill in the entire page with color, patterns or decorations.


Our “MY FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT” project will  introduce students  to the working world they will one day enter.  Students will   identify and research a career in which they may be interested. This activity is designed to increase students’ knowledge of potential career options and the requirements to enter those fields.

Homework: The first piece of this project is body construction. Students will use construction paper and glue to create a paper body wearing the clothes that reflect the career they have chosen to research. I have a “big head” waiting for each body.

"How do we expect young people to dream if they don’t know what they can dream about?"           America's Promise Alliance 



Great news!!   All of the GT assessments have been completed.  I started pulling all identified GT students today!!   All grade levels will kick of the year with a variety  of "All About Me" activities. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Welcome back to school everyone!!  The 2017-2018 school year is going to be an awesome one!!! I will try to touch base with all of my kids  some time next week to find out what units of study they are interested in pursuing. However, I won't start pulling groups until the fall round of GT assessments have wrapped up.  I anticipate that will be around the end of September. We will have a GT parent meeting in September. Please keep checking backpacks for your invitation.  :-)  

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

This morning at our huge Exposition, over 60 students presented their research!! Many of their exhibits were a culmination of this year's work. The folks who were able to attend consistently commented upon the depth of knowledge exhibited by our kiddos. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the year with these dedicated students and their wonderful families who have supported all of my zany ideas. I look forward to whatever  adventures that next year will bring! GT Portfolios will be distributed at the grade level award ceremonies. Thanks for a fantastic year.

Everyone was amazed at the cures that were presented at today's FUTURE OF MEDICINE exhibit. Our students thought through the possibilities and designed cures that really could work some day!!
Our babies are looking for a new, forever home. If you'd like some new (FREE) pets, please send me a note to let me know that you have a cage and I will send them home.  If you only want a short term pet, the hissing cockroaches, the hermit crab and Gilgamesh the Gerbil are looking for a summer home. You can send those guys back to school in August!! :-)