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UT Online Learning Resources

Here is a list of wonderful resources that promote listening, speaking, reading and writing. The best part is that each resource has a link included and all of the information is just a click away! Virtual field trip anyone?

Parent Conferences October 24th and 25th

FSHES will be hosting Parent-Teacher conferences on October 24th and 25th. Please feel free to drop by Room 90 to talk about your child's progress or ESL accommodations. 

National School Lunch Week

Next week is National School Lunch Week. Please help us celebrate by having your child participate in the following dress up days:
Monday: No School, Enjoy your three day weekend!
Tuesday: Super Hero Day, "Save the Day with a Healthy School Lunch"
Wednesday: Tie Dye Day, "Like Groovy, Eat a Healthy School Lunch"
Thursday: USA Day, "United We are One"
Friday: Pink Out, "Real Cougars Eat Pink" 

Fall Festival Next Thursday

Please join us for our Fall Festival next Thursday from 5 until 7. Tickets will cost 50 cents each. There will be games and food for sale ranging from 1 ticket to about 5 tickets. Our ESL program will help host a "Game of Thrones" booth and a stuffed animal raffle. We can't wait to see you there!

The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Region 20 is offering an exciting workshop about the benefits of being bilingual for parents on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 from 9-12. 
Session ID# 59577
Webinar ID# 60038