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Mrs. Terri Bills » Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to Third Grade!

We will be starting a new adventure together!  You are being taught by a highly experienced and talented former 4th and 5th grade teacher who is now in her third year teaching 3rd grade!   Yes, I have favorite subjects....all of them!!  However, I do tend to get overly excited about math and science!

I can't wait to challenge you beyond this galaxy!  Stay alert, ready to jump in, become a leader, and be compassionate towards your fellow team mates.  We will all reach our goals.....some sooner, others a little later.  No worries!  The real challenge is to make sure we all reach them together.  Teamwork is what makes this possible!  So, if you feel you are a competitor and have a desire to be a leader, you've joined the right galactic team!

For those who like to remain quiet, think more about things, and maybe have can sit along side of me in the co-pilot's seat.  'Cuz, guess what?....  That was me in school....always thinking, always afraid to share my thoughts, ideas, and ask questions. 

Well, things have changed since those days!!!  We depend on each other for thoughts, ideas, and questions to make it happen!. You will be amazed at the conversations that will come about as we listen and acknowledge each other.  Remember, no labeled as "stupid" or "boring"; and "I can't" does not exist in our classroom.  Be positive, just try harder.  It's okay to make mistakes...check out Einstein's work (he never gave up).  

Oh, by the way, remind me to tell you some stories about Einstein.  He and I share a lot of things in common!!!