Fort Sam Houston Elementary School

Reading Fair

We are pleased to announce the second annual
FSH Elementary Reading Fair!
Also bringing you Tell-Me-A-Story (By prior registration only)

February 26--March 2, 2018


Tell-Me-A-Story for registered families is March 1, 2018 from 5:00--6:00

Reading Fair awards and project viewing will be Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 6:00--7:00.




We are pleased to announce the second annual FSH Elementary Reading Fair!  This year we also have the fun of a “Tell-Me-A-Story” event, as well!

The Reading Fair provides students in grades PK-5 with the opportunity to share their favorite book through a display.  Grades PK-2nd will share their book through a single file folder folded display called a lapbook, and grades 3rd--5th will share their book through a free-standing tri-fold storyboard display.  


A successful Reading Fair is one in which students enjoy the process of reading, creating a project, and sharing their favorite book -- whether individually, with peers, with family members or as a class.  The Step-by-Step Guide requirements for fiction and non-fiction texts can be located on the Elementary Library Webpage.  This will let you know what type of information to include in your laptop or storyboard displays.  Copies are available in the library if you need them.  


Our Reading Fair is scheduled to take place during the week of February 26--March 2nd, 2018.  Judges will come to view projects Monday and Tuesday.  Winners will be announced at an assembly on Thursday, March 1st with time to view all projects.  That event will be from 6:00--7:00.  If you choose to participate, no further information is required other than bringing your project on Monday, February 26.  


I am excited to announce that at 5:00 that evening, March 1st, there is an optional “Tell-Me-A-Story” event sponsored by the Military Child Education Coalition.  Space is limited to the first 50 families who rsvp and information has been sent with your students’ teachers.  The mission of the program is to empower Military Children by using literature and their own stories in a way that fosters skills for resilience, strong peer and parent connections, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and a caring community. The TMAS event begins with the reading of the book Giraffes Can’t Dance.  Following the reading, participants move into guided discussion groups.  This is the time for the parents to see how they can use the stories for discussion. The program features activities for the children to participate in as well as MCEC® publications to supplement the program. Each family receives a copy of the book as well as the supplemental materials!


Please consider registering for Tell-Me-A-Story, and I hope to see your Reading Fair projects on February 26, 2018!



Sarah Worden, Librarian