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Join us for our Reading Fair!


We love books! The Fort Sam Houston Elementary School Library has a wonderful collection of materials. Our books and other library materials belong to all Fort Sam Houston Elementary students and teachers. These resources provide enjoyment and information for our students and they will continue to do so for many years to come. Free use of this library is one of the great benefits of being a member of the school community. 


Having a safe place to keep library books and digital devices when they are not being read or used is an important organizational strategy for students. Please note that students are reminded that personal responsibility includes the need to reimburse the school for any library items that are damaged or lost. If your child has lost or damaged any of our library materials, you will receive a bill for the items. If the library items cannot be found, you are responsible for payment. If you choose to send in a check to the library, please make your check payable to Fort Sam Houston Elementary. Thank you for encouraging your child to be a respectful and responsible library patron.

To our teachers, students, and parents -
thank you for your support of the FSHE Library!

Recent Posts

Book Fair

The Book Fair will be housed in the library next week, and I invite all to come and shop while you can.  See you soon!

Call for Volunteers

I would love to see some volunteers join me in the library this year! There is always a need to shelve books and any help is welcome.  The best times to come to provide assistance are 10:15--11:15 and 12:00--12:45.
I look forward to seeing some shining faces joining the library team!

Book Club

I had a great day spending some time with our Book Club students while they spent some time in an interview ice-breaker, and we looked at some of the book trailers for the Texas Bluebonnet Award nominees.  We will start the year reading some of these selections and proceed with other books that students suggest.  

Welcome Back to School!

I can't wait for the year to start, and I'm excited to see all the kids I know and meet lots of new ones as we have fun in the library this year!

E-Book Access

As you can see from the link, E-BOOKS ARE HERE!  
During this preview phase, we are using a universal guest login.  

The user name is cubs.  
Password is         ftsam.
Students can read online or using the Follett BryteWave K-12 app, but they cannot check books out.  Books with an infinity symbol are available with simultaneous unlimited access on multiple devices.  Books with no symbol may only be visible on one device at a time.  That will change once students receive individual logins.  
As we wrap up check out time for the year (all books are due on the library days of May 21, 22, and 26 based on your class rotation,) I am so excited that we will continue to have books available to students on internet enabled devices.  
I hope that you all enjoy this new venture!  

Check-out details for May

The last day to check out library books is May 18, 19th or 20th based on the student's day in the rotation.  All library books are due May 21st, 22nd, and 26th, again based on the student's day in the rotation.

Be sure to take a look at our photo album again today! Here Mrs. Arce reads to Mrs. Golding's class while we see some crazy hair.

Our students celebrate in style!

I hope that you will check out my photo album all week, as I'll be adding pictures from around campus every day. Enjoy!!

Looking forward to seeing students!

Soon it will be Monday again and as I was out of town most of last week, I really look forward to seeing my bright shining students' faces!  I missed your children.  Thank you for letting them be a part of my life.

So excited: Here it comes!

Keep your eyes on your child's backpack for notice of our Read Across America celebrations the first week in March!