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My name is Debra Ratliff
Welcome to computer lab 2. I am the assistant for our computer labs. I am looking forward to working with our students this 2019-2020 school year. It will be fun and we will learn from one another. It will be an exciting year!

Recent Posts

Microsoft Word

1st grade students have been learning how to write four sentences using Microsoft word.  They learned to size their letters, change colors, change fonts, and punctuation.  They also had to find a picture to go along with their story.

Power Point Presentations on Showing Kindness

2nd grade students created five slides using the backgrounds, online pictures of showing kindness, writing in a text box to describe how pictures are showing kindness. After the slides were created they also learned how to transition their slides.  Students were excited while working on this project.

Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures

 We will be working with first, second, and third grade students on how to be safe on the internet.There will be a short video that we will watch in the lab and have a discussion period.There are two lessons, one is on privacy and the other is on posting. The students will receive a packet to take home with a letter to parents, a comic book that you and your student can go over along with some stickers, and a certificate. 

My Room

The student's earn points as they complete a lesson or mission in Carnegie Cadets.   The points can be used to buy things for their rooms.  This is an example of their rooms.  They also earn badges as they complete a mission.
 The students really enjoyed this. It is an app called Color Mix.  You can color a picture and hold it in  your hands, flat and then take a picture of it and it becomes 3D.