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About Me

I was born in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. My parents were in the military also. I was eighteen months old when I came to the United States. My parents retired in San Antonio, Texas and we made our home in Kerrville,Texas.
I married my husband, Robert which was military too. We stayed in Texas the whole twenty one years, with the exception of my husband going to Korea for a year. So we joined the Army and saw Fort Hood, San Antonio, and El Paso.
We have two grown children, and one grand daughter which is the apple of our eye and a new grandson which is the other apple of our eye. They are truely blessings. They live here in San Antonio and California.   
I love animals. We have two cats named Little Yellow and Sage.
 I love working here at Fort Sam Houston Elementary going on 32 years. I love learning from the students. It is interesting for me to listen to where the students come from and what they have learned about the places they have visited. 
We are going to have a super year 2022-2023!