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Google docs

The students will be lerning how to work from google using sheets, spread sheets and a few other programs.

Common Sense Cyber Safety

Students from k thru 5th grade will learn about being safe on the internet.

Dance Mat Typing

This is a great typing program for kinder thru third. The voices you hear are not American but from the UK.  I think the only draw back is if you do not finish a lesson it will not save their work and will have to start that lesson again or skip to other lessons if they have aced that lesson.  It is really good, shows finger placement and is fun. is another program we will be using this year.

Students will learn how to place their fingers on correct keys (homerow).  This program saves their lessons and also teachers can check and see what progress they have made.

Power Point Presentations on Showing Kindness

2nd grade students will learn how to create five slides using the backgrounds, online pictures of showing kindness, writing in a text box to describe how pictures are showing kindness. After the slides were created they also learned how to transition their slides. This helps with their typing and writing skills. Students will get excited while working on this project.

Microsoft Word

First, second and third grade students be introduced to Microsoft Word. They will learn how to write sentences using Microsoft word.  They learn how to size their letters, change colors, change fonts, punctuation and add pictures to go along with their writing.