Snack and Event Calendar

We will have snacks every day. Your child is assigned one snack day each month, maybe two depending on the number of days in the month and students in the class. Please send enough snacks for the entire class, including juice or juice boxes. Your child will be the snack helper on their assigned day. The snack calendar lists only names for one month. It will be updated monthly. If we have students who are allergic to certain food items, I will share what ingredient needs to be avoided in daily snacks. Please remember to send only healthy snacks. Cookies and cupcakes can be sent on birthdays but not for daily snacks. If you are able, please send one or two extra non-perishable snacks. This allows me to have extra snacks on hand if needed. Also, please let me know if you are unable to provide snacks. This will allow me to make other arrangements. Thank you!