Fort Sam Houston Elementary School



“The BEST way to PREDICT the future is to CREATE it” ~Abraham Lincoln

"Children of the World,

Blown to all corners of the World,

We Bloom Anywhere!"

-Military Child Quote  


Our Class Family Beliefs

We are lifelong learners who respect and honor each other.

We will create a safe and caring environment for each other.

We will engage in challenging and meaningful work.

We will have good character, competence, and creativity.

We will inspire and challenge ourselves to the highest level of our learning ability.


Recent Posts

Red Ribbon Week

 "PAWS"-ITIVELY Bully and Drug Free

October 30th- November 3rd 

Monday, October 30th

Ft. Sam Houston Elementary is Bully & Drug Free!!!


Pledge Day

Wear red and make a pledge to show that we are proud to be “Bully & Drug Free” 

Tuesday, October 31st  

Be a Hero by showing your superpowers of kindness!

Literary Character / Hero Day

Dress like a Book Character or Super Hero to support Bully Prevention. 

*Students receive a sticker.

Wednesday, November 1st  

Follow your dreams of a kind and bully-free world in PJ”s!!!

Pajama Day

Wear your pajamas and follow your dreams!

*Students receive a ribbon (PK/K) or a bookmark (1st-5th).

Thursday, November 2nd  We’re so bright that we have to wear shades (and a hat)!!!

Hat / Sunglasses Day

Show you are cool by wearing your favorite hat and/or sunglasses.

*Students receive a bracelet.

Friday, November 3rd

Team Up against Drugs & Bullies!

Wear Team Jersey Day

Students and faculty are encouraged to wear sports jerseys in support of Red Ribbon Week.

Parent Conferences

Wednesday, October 4th and Thursday October 5th

No School Friday October 6th and Monday October 9th


Parents, please use the link below to sign up for a conference. If you are not able to meet during one of these times please let me know and we can schedule a time that best fits your schedule. 


**CLICK HERE-Parent Conference Sign-Up Link

Physical and Chemical Changes

Making ice cream to explore and experience the changes of matter!!

Student approved experiment!

Sates of Matter

Turning a solid chocolate bar into a liquid by applying heat and melting it. 

Solid -> Liquid -> Solid

Open House

Thursday September 7th

Yellow Ramp Room 6

We are providing two times for parents to attend Open House. 




Today we learned how words can really hurt the inside of a person. When we say unkind things to people it hurts them on the inside even though they may not show it on the outside. We also learned that we cannot take back the words we say. 


We passed around two apples. To the first apple we said really mean things and laughed at it. To the second apple we said very nice things. When we cut open the two apples we saw how the first apple was brown because the words we used hurt the inside of the apple. The second apple was juice and pretty because we said kind things. We learned that our words really do matter and that we always need to be kind to others.