Fort Sam Houston Elementary School



“The BEST way to PREDICT the future is to CREATE it” ~Abraham Lincoln

"Children of the World,

Blown to all corners of the World,

We Bloom Anywhere!"

-Military Child Quote  


Our Class Family Beliefs

We are lifelong learners who respect and honor each other.

We will create a safe and caring environment for each other.

We will engage in challenging and meaningful work.

We will have good character, competence, and creativity.

We will inspire and challenge ourselves to the highest level of our learning ability.


Recent Posts

Mr. Salomon teaching us about sound energy!

Thank you for teaching us about sound and providing us with a fun learning experience!

Mr. Salomon teaching us about sound vibrations!!

Mr. Salomon, our school nurse is teaching us how the strings vibrate to make a low or high sound. He also taught us that we have our own vibrating sound maker... our VOICE!!! Thank you for playing and signing with us!!
Thank you PTO for the surprise Snowcone Party!!! Our class won the Raising Cane's Spirt Night prize!! 

Christmas Fun!

Monday, December 12th - Ugly Sweater

Tuesday, December 13th - Track Suit

Wednesday, December 14th - Wear a Scarf or Tie

Thursday, December 15th - PJ Day

Friday, December 16th - Class Holiday Party at 2:00