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“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Walt Disney

Welcome to my 5th grade class page! I am so excited to be at Fort Sam Houston Elementary School this year and for the school year to get started. Please subscribe to this page by clicking on the subscribe button in the right hand corner. This will keep you informed with important and fun updates throughout the year! We are going to have an amazing year of learning and fun in 5th grade!!


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...will be MONDAY, January 8th, and TUESDAY, January 9th. Please make sure your student is here on time and ready to go. This will help us determine how the students are doing thus far, and who will be in after school tutoring for the upcoming months. These will NOT be a grade and are just being used for data. 
Mrs. B 

Helping Houston



I am very touched by how many of you guys jumped at the opportunity to donate to this class. The 5th grade class at Pilgrim Academy I mentioned has set up the following links so that we might be able to donate to help them raise money for what they specifically need.  


Please share on Facebook, twitter or other social media platforms since donors choose will double donations up to $50 by adding the promo code LIFTOFF at checkout for the next 4 days. The more people we get to donate, the better!! 


Below you will find the links Mr. Abarca has created that will give you a detailed play-by-play of what he needs for the classroom. Any little bit helps!! 


Thanks SO MUCH for supporting these kiddos. You guys ROCK!

-Mrs. B 

The Relatives Came Project

Hi all,
Attached please find a copy of the class project expectations for our campus wide mentor text The Relatives Came.Our class is creating a class quilt about different experiences visiting relatives at their homes. 
Part 2 is what I need your help on...please get with your kiddos asap and discuss what they would like to contribute of the options. Help them type up a family recipe OR send with them a photo of a favorite family event.
These projects are due Thursday. I know, late notice, but it is going to look AMAZING in the hallways come Parent Orientation, right??
Thanks for being flexible. If you have any issues, please feel free to email me!
All the best,
Mrs. B