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Behavior Plan

Students are expected to :
  • Be safe
  • Listen
  • Be Kind
  • Work hard
  • Believe in themselves
Having a positive learning environment is a key factor to student success. Children need to learn how to behave in a way that maximizes their learning time. To help encourage positive behaviors, we will be using sticker charts in our class. Your child may receive a sticker at any time throughout the day if he/she is exhibiting positive behaviors. Once they fill in their chart, they are able to choose from the treasure chest. We also have class behavior incentives that they will work on as a whole group.
If your child is exhibiting negative behaviors, they will be reminded that they can make the changes needed to turn their behavior around. If their behavior continues or is severe, there will be appropriate consequences such as loss of recess time, parent contact, or office referral. I will make a note in  your child's daily folder to check your Remind messages for any behaviors that I would like you to be aware of. Please check this calendar daily. 
Feel free to contact me with any questions!