Fort Sam Houston Elementary School

Grading Policy

Library grades are participation grades and do not affect student's GPA or conduct grades. The default grade is an 'S'. Students who are present and participating in class activities receive this grade. The exceptions to this grade are as follows:
- Students who are not just participating, but stay focused throughout the entire class period, don't have to be reminded to stay on task, do more than the minimum amount of work and are never (or very rarely) absent.
*Listens and participates with no reminders to stay on task or sit in their seat
*Participates in class discussion with no reminders to stay focused.
 3rd--5th grade
*Reads quietly for the entire class period without distracting others.
*Quietly completes written assignments with thorough, quality and thoughtful answers without distracting others.
*Actively searches for books by call number found in our library catalog without assistance from library staff.
*Takes the initiative to improve the library collection in a clean and accurate way.  
 - Student is present and participating in class activities.  
PK--1st grades:
*Listens to the stories being read with few reminders to stay on task.
*Participates in class discussion with few reminders to stay focused.
 2nd--5th grades: 
*Reads most of the time, talking to others very little.
*Searches for books with some assistance from library staff, with or without using the Destiny library catalog. 
*Works on written activities.  
N - Students who have to have frequent reminders to participate and/or stay on task. Students do not listen to the story or actively read and do not participate in class discussions.Students do not complete written activities.   Also, students who are frequently absent from school or not in class due to being in the office, picked up early, or some other reason for not being there. If a student is not in the class he/she is not participating. 
U - Students who refuse to participate, are frequently off task or have rarely been in attendance during class time.