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The purpose of the Fort Sam Houston Elementary School curriculum is to provide comprehensive well-balanced learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate for each student. The state-mandated Pre-Kinder Guidelines form the core of the curriculum; however, additional enrichment activities are included to extend this minimum requirement.

Pre-kindergarten at Fort Sam Houston Elementary offers a full-day instructional program to those meeting eligibility requirements. The Fort Sam Houston Elementary Pre-Kinder program also services qualified students in special programs such as English as a Second Language, At-Risk and Special Education. Fort Sam Houston Elementary currently implements Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum, Mindfulness and Restorative Discipline approaches as part of our campus-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support System to promote the social-emotional development of our students. We also provide innovative frameworks for instruction that allow us to customize learning experiences that are both engaging and enriching based on student interests and data analysis. The faculty and staff include specialists in music, visual art, drama, Spanish, library, instructional technology, and physical education.

The Fort Sam Houston Elementary Pre-Kinder program also provides students with Outdoor Learning. The purposes of Outdoor Learning at Fort Sam Houston Elementary are to provide students with opportunities to engage in unstructured play in a natural setting with peers to encourage and develop collaboration, creative thought, problem-solving, strength and resilience.