Fort Sam Houston Elementary School


Sept 19, 2017
The link to sign up for parent conferences is below.  This conference time allows for 10 minutes with Mrs. Wilcox and 10 minutes with Mrs. Blackstone.  If you have trouble getting signed up, please let me know.  Thank you!
Sept 18, 2017
We are moving into the new school year and adjusting to our new and unusual classroom.  We are still working on our classroom procedures and expectations and getting those down so our classroom is a great learning environment. 
Please be sure to check the red Tuesday folder each week.  This is just one insight into how your student is doing in class.
Also, please check the newsletter that comes home each Monday with the homework.  It will tell you what is happening in the upcoming weeks.
Parent conferences are coming up very quickly.  We'll begin sign-ups this week so be sure to check back for the sign-up sheet.
Tuesday is picture day for our school.  Fourth grade will be taking their pictures first thing in the morning at 8:00.
The Scholastic Book Fair starts this Friday and runs into next week.  Be sure to check it out.
August 16, 2017
Welcome to 4th grade!!
This is going to be a great year!  We have lots of new and exciting things going on in our classroom and I'm so glad you get to be a part of it!
We are introducing flexible seating into our fourth grade classrooms.  As you enter Room 44, you'll notice we don't have traditional desks and chairs.  Our tables are dry erase tables in different forms and shapes.  Some are for sitting and some are for standing.  Our seating is also quite different.  Students may choose to sit on a bouncy ball, a wobbly stool, ergo stool, sit on the carpet or stand at a table.  Studies have indicated that students learn and are more productive when they are more comfortable.  Student choice will be given for the student seating but all students will have the opportunity to sit in all types of seating.  Traditional desks and chairs are available if a student would prefer that type of workspace.  As the classroom teacher, I have the right to move a student if I feel they aren't being as productive as possible at their seating of choice.  
Fourth grade is also departmentalizing this year!  That means that your student's homeroom is this classroom, room 44, and we will cover Math and Science.  Mrs. Blackstone, room 45, will be your student's ELAR and Social Studies teacher.  Mrs. Blackstone and I have been working closely, and will continue to work closely, to make sure your student has a very successful year.
Please take a few minutes to look at the Parent Letters and ABC's of School links below.  This may answer some of your questions about this year.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  Communication is key!