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Mrs. Koellein's Class Yearbook

The link for the yearbook we created just for our class may be found in Google Classroom ELAR. 

Field Day Tomorrow!

Our Field Day at Cole will happen tomorrow. Today, students were given the red Field Day shirts that they ordered. Please make sure to wear them tomorrow. 

Students that did not order a shirt can wear any red shirt. 

We will be eating lunch in the Cole cafeteria. Students will either need to bring a sack lunch or purchase a sack lunch from the cafeteria. 

Please message me with any questions. 

Splashtown Swimsuit Dress Code

For our May 23rd field trip, the following swimsuit dress code will be enforced:
Girls: One piece bathing suit.
          A t-shirt must be worn over any suit that is not a one piece. 
Boys: Swim trunks, regular shorts will not be permitted as swimwear. 

Drawing Contest



Please see below if interested. 

The oldest category is 13-15. 

Must be a military dependent to participate. 


Submissions by Monday, April 9 with the winner being announced on April 13.



During the month of April we Celebrate, "MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD" and 
we're excited to host a DRAWING CONTEST for our Military kids ages:
Age group 5 - 8
Age group 9 - 12
Age group 13 - 15

The Theme is "What does the USO mean to you?"
The contest begins today, April 2nd, and the deadline to submit your drawings 
will be 4:00 pm on Monday, April 9th.

Our USO committee will pick the top 3 from each age group. We'll then post the 
semi-finalist drawings on our USO San Antonio Facebook page. The drawings with 
the most "LIKES" from each age group will be announced as the WINNERS on 
Friday, April 13th "Purple Up Day"

The Rules:
* You must be a Military dependent.
* Entries must be drawn by hand.
* Drawing must be on a 11 x 8.5 sheet of paper.
* Email your scanned drawings to Annette at>
by 4:00 pm, Monday, April 9th.

We are about a month away from our annual Egg Drop. Look for the entry form and guidelines to be sent home. All entry forms are due by Friday, April 13th. 
LET"S GET CRACKING! (oh wait, cracking)