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Mrs. Laura Lamoureux » Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Hang on to your hat if you get to join the fun out in the Accelerated Learning Center! A team of us work together to help students achieve academic success. We tailor our lessons to meet the individual needs of our students in order to fill educational gaps or to extend and enrich the curriculum.


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A friendly tortoise named Dude came to visit today as part of our chordate research!!


The Basura Bash is happening in one week. It is a great, fun opportunity for your family to give back to the Fort Sam Houston community.  We meet at the Salado Creek Park on Fort Sam Houston and work together to clean up the area. There are always interesting trash finds..... one year we even found a helicopter!!!! You can just show up. However, if you pre-register, they provide food!!!  You can pre-register at  .   I'll see you out there!!!
When: Saturday, Feb 17, 8am-noon
Where: Salado Creek Park, FSH

2nd and 3rd grade had a wonderful presentation from Dr. Miller in support of the invertebrate portion of our zoology research.
This week, fifth graders experimented with different ways that the ancient Egyptians may have transported building materials.  

Enigma Presentation Schedule

4th grade- Thank you for all of your hard work and research!  Now, you will be teaching and quizzing  the class about your enigma. I can't wait to hear about all of them!!! Guests are welcome to come in to watch the presentations. Please sign in through the front office before you come in. 

Monday, Feb 12- Loch Ness Monster

Tuesday, Feb 13- Atlantis

Wednesday, Feb 21- King Tut

Thursday, Feb 22- D.B.Cooper

Monday, Feb 26- Nazca Lines

Tuesday, Feb 27- Amelia Earhart

Monday, March 5- Anastasia

Tuesday, March 6- Oak Island

Wednesday, March 7- The Mary Celeste

Monday, March 19- Blobs of White Blood Cells

Wednesday, March 21- Bermuda Triangle


2nd and 3rd grade.......
Your favorite chordate project is due on Valentine's Day. Some students have already turned in their projects!!!!  WOW!!!

5th Grade Architectural Design Elements Project

The due date is quickly approaching!!  Will you have  everything ready by next Tuesday (Jan 30th)??? 

As the 2nd and 3rd graders wrap up their first two invertebrate labs, they are building a portable habitat for their lab specimens. Consequently, those lucky kiddos are getting the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENTS EVER.... worms and crickets!!!   Please be on the lookout for their worm/cricket habitats. The worm dirt does need to be kept moist. If you don't want them in your house... no worries!  You can just release them into your yard. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!