Mrs. Laura Lamoureux » Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Hang on to your hat if you get to join the fun out in the Accelerated Learning Center! A team of us work together to help students achieve academic success. We tailor our lessons to meet the individual needs of our students in order to fill educational gaps or to extend and enrich the curriculum.


Boat ride
The architectural design element students spent a fabulous day in  downtown San Antonio. Many thanks to all of the parents who helped them with their scavenger hunt. 
virtual students
This morning, at the park, some of my virtual students were able to meet our new class pet. They also did  a fabulous job with their snake portraits!!

When you study gothic architectural design elements, you MUST create gargoyles and grotesques!!!!!! The 4th graders did a marvelous job.


5th grade-Anatomy and Physiology heart dissections:          Identifying parts of the exterior of the heart before they dissect.