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Mrs. Laura Lamoureux » Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Welcome to Awesome Academic Adventures!!!!!!

Hang on to your hat if you get to join the fun out in the Accelerated Learning Center! A team of us work together to help students achieve academic success. We tailor our lessons to meet the individual needs of our students in order to fill educational gaps or to extend and enrich the curriculum.

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What a wonderful morning!!!  Doctor Soeken dropped by to help the 5th graders with eye dissections. IT WAS AWESOME!!!
Caste Design Challenge
This year  third grade is researching medieval history. A few weeks ago, they broke into teams and designed castles for the queen. They did a great job transferring their 2D plans into 3D models!!!!

5th grade research project is due Monday!!!

5th graders have been researching careers for the past week or so. Most students have completed the note page and have started on their research paper.They still have two days to work on this in class. However, if they have not completed it by Thursday, it will be homework. Of course, they are welcome to work on it at home at any time. I have encouraged them all to let you help edit their paper. If they have already submitted it, they can unsubmit it to make changes. If you'd like to see the details of the project, please ask  your student to pull it up in google classroom. Google classroom can be accessed on any computer, ipad, phone or smart device. If you have any questions, please let me know. 


Assessments for all students who have been nominated for the GT program begin this week. You do not need to re-test if you are already in the program. GT sessions will begin for identified GT students as soon as all of the assessments have been completed.  I am looking forward to getting things going!!!


If anyone would like to take home a class pet (or two) for the summer, please let me know. The hermit crabs are already spoken for. We still have 2 hamsters, 1 gerbil, 1 crayfish and 2 Madagascar hissing cockroaches who would love to visit you for a few months.  

The fifth graders did a great job identifying all of the body parts during their Anatomy and Physiology end-of-course dissection. 


Please come over and check out their awesome projects! 

**This is just in case your child forgot to deliver your invitation!!  :-) 

Friday, 10 May

8:30-10:00 in the cafeteria

2nd- Where the Wild Things Are

3rd- Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

4th- History’s Mysteries Science Projects

5th -Medical Mysteries 

Reminder: 2nd/3rd/5th Grade projects are due next week!!!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's projects. They will all be displayed  in the cafeteria on Friday, May 10th from 8:30-10 during our GT RESEARCH EXPO. When you come, please sign in through the front office. See you then!!!!!

ready to go
This group of 5th graders is ready to extend their anatomy and physiology research by dissecting hearts. I am so proud of this group for stepping out of their comfort zones and  doing such a wonderful job!!!  With students like these, it so, so easy to love my job!!!
Joshua's mom
Joshua's awesome mom came out to help dissect hearts.  She was a wealth of knowledge and really helped us find all of the parts we were looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!