Fort Sam Houston Elementary School

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Free Workshop: Social Emotional Development in PK - Avoiding Power Struggles

Young children’s social emotional development is vital to their overall well-being, affecting their success in school and their ability to learn in all subject areas. Join us as we explore strategies for avoiding or minimizing power struggles with children and encouraging children’s sense of
competence. Participants will learn strategies for reducing power struggles at home, identify the importance of sharing control with children, and learn the difference between free and limited choices. This will be an active learning, participatory training – come ready to have some fun! Thursday, May 9th...(Click🔝Headline)
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New District Brochure Highlights District and Campuses!

The district recently published a new district brochure highlighting the district and our campuses. The FSHISD District Publication was a joint effort among key district personnel to highlight the wonderful accomplishments of the students and staff in our district. The brochure includes detailed information about our campuses and programs and will be used to inform key stakeholders and educate our school community. We hope you enjoy the brochure and welcome any feedback you might have. You can view and download the brochure by clicking the headline above or access it via the "About Us" section on the main district page.
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Free Workshop: Anxiety & Today's Youth

There is an increasing concern for rising anxiety in society today. Anxiety is an organized response by which a person senses, evaluates, anticipates, and responds to cues of threat or danger in one’s internal or external environment. The focus of this training will be to learn practical and accessible strategies that can be applied in everyday life and addresses the physical, emotional, and social aspects of anxiety in
today’s youth. Tuesday, April 30th...(Click🔝Headline)
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Free Workshop: Connecting the Math in School to the Math at Home (3rd-5th)

Building students ‘confidence in critical thinking of questioning in grades 3-5 is crucial to capture their mathematical success. Participants will engage in instructional strategies that develop their understanding of questions and learn ways to assist parents in making connections that can help them with their child(ren) at home. Wednesday, April 24th...(Click🔝Headline)
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