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Welcome to the Fort Sam Houston

 Elementary School Library!!

Join us for our Reading Fair!


We love books! The Fort Sam Houston Elementary School Library has a wonderful collection of materials. Our books and other library materials belong to all Fort Sam Houston Elementary students and teachers. These resources provide enjoyment and information for our students and they will continue to do so for many years to come. Free use of this library is one of the great benefits of being a member of the school community. 


Having a safe place to keep library books and digital devices when they are not being read or used is an important organizational strategy for students. Please note that students are reminded that personal responsibility includes the need to reimburse the school for any library items that are damaged or lost. If your child has lost or damaged any of our library materials, you will receive a bill for the items. If the library items cannot be found, you are responsible for payment. If you choose to send in a check to the library, please make your check payable to Fort Sam Houston Elementary. Thank you for encouraging your child to be a respectful and responsible library patron.

To our teachers, students, and parents -
thank you for your support of the FSHE Library!

Recent Posts

Before you know it we will be celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss with our annual "Read Across America" activities!  Stay tuned for our celebrations the first week in March!

I love seeing the advances that the students are making in learning to read this year!  And we have so much fun in story time, as well.  Every day is a new adventure in the library.  

Happy New Year: E-books on the way!

I hope that all of you had a very restful vacation!  I look forward to helping gain access to more e-books this spring and I can't wait for us all to learn about these.  Take time to visit the library homepage for e-book links to use at home as well.

Literary Pumpkins

We are down to the wire!  This is a great weekend to break out those decorating skills as the Literary Pumpkins are due to the library this Monday, October 24th!  
I can't wait to see how you dress your pumpkin as a character from a book! Remember, no carving, just decorating.  Fake pumpkins are also welcome.

I cannot wait to meet all of our new students and give a warm welcome to faces that I have met last year!  I will see you soon!