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Daily Specials

Hello Parents!

 Kindergarten Specials will be on a six day rotation schedule.   Kindergartners attend the following specials this year:

 * PE

Please make sure the kids are in shoes they can run in. And, girls, please wear shorts underneath your dresses and skirts.

 * Library

Kindergartners will be rotating through centers this year in Library.  One of their rotations is to check out a book each week. This helps teach responsibility and treating other's property with respect. Books will need to be brought back the following week so they may check out another book.  Day 4 will be our "Check in/out" day.  Please use these books for your homework.

* Art

        Mrs. Garcia does a fantastic job on teaching the kids about various supplies and techniques.  She will also display student work throughout the year.

* Music

        Mr. Perea teaches the students how to listen for rhythm, sound, beat as well as introducing them to different musical instruments.

* Drama

       Ms. Feil works to encourage creativity, imagination, self esteem and control in her class.  She also incorporates listening and comprehension skills too.

* Computer Lab

     Mrs. Schiebel and Mrs. Ratliff will be teaching computer safety, mouse and typing skills and using a variety of educational programs to enhance the learning of our kiddos.  The computer labs will also be used for digital assessments as well.

*  Motor Lab

   Mrs. Lieck will be leading this class.  She incorporates movement to help teach academic skills.  Social skills and safety will also be taught.


Yoga is also a rotation that will be scheduled.