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Student Behavior

School and Classroom Behavior:

        Kindergartners are new to the concept of structure at school; therefore, consistency is very important during these formative years. 

        We believe in having high expectations for the children, in both the classroom and the school itself.  I also want to help them understand the reasons behind these rules and procedures.    I strive to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for the children in which we work and live as a “school family” in our classroom.  

      Students will be bringing home their Daily Folder.  Inside will be our calendar.  Unless your child has had a difficult day, they will have a smiley face.  I do ask that if a note regarding behavior goes home, you take the opportunity to talk to your child about choices/behaviors in school that are appropriate to ensure learning and to help keep them safe.  This can be a great learning tool and punishment is not always necessary.  If the behaviors continue, then tougher steps will need to be taken.