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Student Behavior

School and Classroom Behavior:

        Kindergartners are new to the concept of structure at school; therefore, consistency is very important during these formative years. 

        We believe in having high expectations for the children, in both the classroom and the school itself.  I also want to help them understand the reasons behind these rules and procedures.    I strive to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for the children in which we work and live as a “school family” in our classroom.

I've incorporated a "Growth Mindset" into our Behavior Chart!  With the new system, those kids making extra good choices and being their own problem solvers get recognized as well.  Each day everyone starts out "I am doing my BEST to learn".  From there name clips can travel up, for great decisions and/or actions or down, for choices that need to be rethought.  Every day our goal is to use our manners, make good choices and try our hardest so the clips move up.   This seems to have made a positive impact on our classroom, which we are all excited about!